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Swim Workout #10

-250 warmup

-100 free counting strokes per length (use this yardage to get a consistent feel of how many strokes you swim in 25)

-6 x 50 count strokes on the first 25 (make the first 25 yards of each 50 less strokes than the last, don't count strokes on the return length, just relax)

-2 x 250 free swimming slowly and concentrating on long strokes (don't count strokes per length on this set, but do concentrate on stretching and extending your arm as far in front as you can)

-8 x 50 free sprinting every other length, rest: 15 (on the non-sprinting length count strokes and make you strokes long and smooth)

-250 cooldown

We are swimming a mile all week. You got this!






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