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Can I teach my wife: Infant Conscious Choking

Can I teach my wife: Infant Conscious Chocking. We did this really quick but I'm going to be trying to teach her different first aid knowledge. Hopefully these videos get better. If you want to actually learn CPR and first aid we can teach you. We are certified teachers for the Red Cross. We can actually come to you if you have enough students that can be signed up. Infant conscious choking is something everyone should learn especially if they are a parent. You can save an infant's life by learning this skills. If you have a child that's old enough to become a lifeguard have them go through the course so they can learn all of these first aid skills. Getting your lifeguard certification is one of the best things you can do when you're young because CPR and first aid knowledge are always something everyone should know. #lifeguard #thecookseysmalibu #cookseyswim #teaching #firstaid #infant #baby


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