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Rescuing a submerged victim

There are times where the victim will be submerged under water. They could have slipped and acquired a head injury which resulted them in sinking to the bottom while unconscious. You must rescue the submerged victim as quick as possible and then make eye contact with them to try to bring them to the surface with your rescue tube to maintain an open airway. Once you rescue the victim is when you take them to safe exit point while keeping airway open. Submerged victims can be in shallow and deep water, this is when you decide which save is appropriate. If the victim is submerged in deep water, then you might need another lifeguard to assist you with your rescue tube if you needed to take it off for the rescue. To reach the bottom of the pool, as a lifeguard you must be able to perform a feet-first surface dive and a head-first surface dive. These two dives are commonly used when saving a submerged victim.


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